The interior of a house, apartment, cottage or flat is the space where people live. And for us humans, it should be a place that evokes pleasant feelings in us. I can’t help but encounter the phrase most often: “Curtains and drapes create a more cozy space.” Even offices with curtains look different to us than places where windows are covered by old classic blinds. Don’t you think?

Everything needs to be taken care of. So today we will take care of window decorations “under the guise”. If we want to prolong their life and enjoy their years, we need to devote time to it.

You should always be informed by the seller about the material (material composition) and how to take care of it. We also know fabrics that cannot be washed at home or it is forbidden to iron them. In order for us to know this, the care symbols are used for this. According to them, we know how to proceed correctly.

Let’s start with the most popular curtains. It is a decoration that makes a home a home and creates intimacy for the owners or homeowners or guests during the day. If you have curtains made of 100% polyester, follow these steps for treatment:

Cleaning and washing curtains

Local cleaning, where small stains are removed and the entire decoration is not washed. Wet wipes are very helpful (it also depends on the brand, as some can create unwanted stains / mules) if, for example, you manage to swell an insect or the curtain is caught by unwashed hands.

If you close the curtain and greasy black spots remain on it, Major Carpet Cleaners will help on a damp cloth.

Cleaning and Washing Curtains

If you wash whole curtains, you don’t have to worry about anything. We also wash them with hooks made of rail profiles, at 30 degrees and with gentle washing. They are still wet to level as much as possible. When ironing, a steam iron is very helpful and you can pass the material through it, even after hanging, ie vertically.

Again, with smaller stains, you don’t have to wash the curtains right away, you just need to treat them in the place of soiling with a damp cloth and some gentle product. Be careful not to use chemicals for curtains, it can do more damage.

For these decorations, it is necessary to know their material composition. In our experience, for example, do not iron velvet / velvet materials, if only gently over some other fabric (terry towel). Fine hairs settle spontaneously after passing through the iron and create spots. In this case, it is necessary to wash the curtains and hang them damp. Don’t iron anymore!

You should also be able to wash the entire curtains at home with hooks. You always need to have information about what material composition it is. Here, too, 30 degrees and low speeds are enough. If the decorations are not greasy, there is no reason to increase the temperature or speed.

Blinds Cleaning

The advantage of a higher weight of the curtains – they balance well with their weight if they are hung damp, not wet. You can use the saved time for something more fun.

In the wide range of curtain / decorative materials, you will also find fabrics that cannot be washed only chemically cleaned. Then you have to find time and take the decorations to the dry cleaners. If you have beautiful curtains that you look forward to every time you look at them, “it’s worth it”.

Roman blinds can also be washed

It is the same with the treatment of Roman blinds. If you are informed about the composition of the material from which the blind is sewn, you adhere to the care symbols.

The fabric is glued to the blind profile with Velcro, so disassembly is easy. Then all you have to do is untie the laces and pull out the horizontal components.

Natural decorations

If you have found the meaning of your life connected to our planet, you are thinking of natural materials such as flax or cotton.

In that case, you certainly already know their properties and count on them. As processing technologies evolve, it is felt. It’s not flax like flax, but that’s a different topic.

Window decorations should serve us for shading or as an aesthetic element, and most often it is. With us, it is a priority to choose for the interior what will last for years and it will also conjure up a smile on your face. Choose mainly so that you will enjoy and experience it. After all, it’s not about life 🙂

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